Woman Braids Her Beards Says She Is Tired Of Shaving - PHOTOS


A TikTok user named Peekaboo Pumpkin aged 36 has disclosed and accepted to herself that she has beards thereby making a video and pictures of her new look on beards.

Peekaboo Pumpkin on TikTok, has facial hair, shared that she has polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) — as a result, she has excess hair around her chin.

But after years of lots of shaving off her chin beards, she finally took it up and learned how to live with it and let it grow more like a beard despite what other people might say of her.

Adding that she had used all hair removal cream but to get rid of it but all to no avail.

In a comment, Peekaboo said;

“Laser hair removal didn’t work for it. It took me years to be in the place where my facial hair wouldn’t bother me”

She further said that instead of shaving it off, she rather uses a pair of mini scissors to trim the beard and braids the hair or uses straighteners to make it less “crusty“.

Her confidence to make such condition public shocked many TikTok users as most of them hailed her for her confidence and some who has same problem with her said they are ashamed to do what she just did.

See more photos below;

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