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“Audio Money: Mompha Borrows My Car, I Cooked For Him Like A Wife” - Bobrisky Slams Billionaire Mompha

Audio Money: Mompha Borrows My Car, I Cooked For Him Like A Wife - Bobrisky Slams Billionaire Mompha
Bobrisky Slams Billionaire Mompha.

Prior to the celebrity fight on social media the past few days, it seems things are getting worst as Nigerian celebrities continue to slam each other.

Firstly, it was Bobrisky and Tonto Dikeh last week; their fight got to some point, popular Nigerian socialite Mompha was mentioned and this made Mompha angry so he made threats to Bobrisky that he doesn't want to set eyes on him whenever he comes to Lagos. READ HERE HE PUTS THREATS ON BOBRISKY

Further more, this from Mompha gingered Bobrisky to disclose the fact that Mompha lives an audio money life, saying that he borrows his car, he comes to cook for him. In brief, bobrisky said that his fellow celebrities are using him to get what they want.

Bobrisky made this allegation as he shared old chats involving him and Mompha where the businessman had asked to use the crossdresser's car.

Bobrisky also explained how he would tell his driver to take his car to Mompha's hotel where he lodged.

Furthermore, Bobrisky accused him of living a fake life that he rent cars in Dubai to take photos challenging the socialite to come to Lagos to a car of his own if he truly has money.

Bobrisky said;

"You didn't ask all your Lagos girlfriends to cook for you. I resemble your wife, abi. Next time you're in Lagos you better fly your girlfriend come cos I'm not ready to cook for any audio billionaire."

Further slams from Bobrisky;

"Anytime you are in Lagos, i borrow you my car, I will take it to car wash for you, asked my driver to bring it to your hotel whenever you are done with it you will come and park it.. y do you all like to use me cos of my money and come to Instagram to still insult me haaaa i fear una awon audio billionaire renting cars in Dubai for the gram. Come to Lagos and buy the cars now"

See Instagram post below;

This fight has caused many reactions between fans of each other on social media. Some thinks the crossdresser is lying about Mompha referring to Bobrisky as a clout chaser. While some thinks he's right; in the sense that Bobrisky is being used by Nigerian celebrities.


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