Zamfara Officials Planned My Kidnap, I Slept In The Rain For 2 Days Without Food - Niger Commissioner Explains

Zamfara Officials Planned My Kidnap, I Slept In The Rain For 2 Days Without Food - Niger Commissioner Explains
Mohammed Idris Sani.

Commissioner of education in Niger state, Mohammed Idris Sani has shared his experience with his abductors when he was kidnapped.

It could be recalled that the commissioner was kidnapped on Monday in his home while he was with his wife and children. The abductors attacked both his wife and children then took him away demanding for a ransom of N200million.

Making his reports and sharing his experience after been released on Thursday, he said he was forced to sleep under the rain for two days before they ever thought of shielding him due to the cold.

He said;

“I went through a lot of trials in their hands, a lot of dehumanizing things. It is not an experience that I will pray for my greatest enemy. It was dehumanizing, humiliating and degrading”. 
Sani explained that it started like this;

“They picked me from my house after breaking all the doors. They took me to a no man’s land in the middle of nowhere. I was there exposed to the rains for 48 hours with neither food nor water given to me, with my hands and legs tied.

Instead of them breaking me, I started breaking them. They started giving me bread and water, they untied me and they began to show concern. They gave me the trampoline they used to cover themselves when they sleep and allowed me to use it to cover myself in the rains.''

However, he made further reports that he was the only abductee as the abductors described his case as a high-profile kidnap and told him that they were sent by some government officials from Zamfara state to take him.

He further said;

“They came with an intention that they would get N200 million from me or my life and they left with no money and with my life intact. The people that kidnapped me, please don’t curse them because before I left them I told them I have forgiven them. They promised that they would quit banditry because of me.

They don’t know this village but they were hired from Zamfara State to kidnap me. They said monthly, the Niger State governor gives me N200m and if I give them less than N200m, I should be killed. I have forgiven the kidnappers and those people that hired them.” 

He also made recommendations and confessed that he  was proud that the government did not pay the ransom demanded by the bandits or intervened in his case. Saying that he would have resigned if the government had intervened in his case.

The commissioner described his release to be a miracle as he urges others to always pray to God and have faith in him.

So guys, what do you all think about this situation of our able commissioner?

Do you really think his abductors should be free without facing the law for abducting a government official?

Please you can share with us below what is in your mind and give us feedback in the comment section below, as it might be published.

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