Does Jamb Upgrade Work? Is It Real Or Scam?

Does Jamb Upgrade Work? Is It Real Or Scam?
Say no to jamb upgrade.

You must have heard of the popular Jamb upgrade of a thing by some people or probably you must have seen their posts on facebook or other social media with some fetish images to use as their proof.

Many students and candidates of the Jamb UTME 2021 examination are ignorant and not ready to learn or heed from others. Are you looking for way to upgrade your Jamb score from 150 to 250 or even more than that? If yes, then this article is for you.

I have received several emails and have encountered most people who ask if really; JAMB upgrade is real or fake. In this blog article, we will be discussing about that.

Every year a new Jamb UTME exam comes up, after the exam and the results have been released, scammers uses opportunity to start requesting for money for those who wish to upgrade their scores so as to reach the cut off mark of their selected institutions.

Is Jamb Results Upgrade Real Or Scam?

Does Jamb Upgrade Work? Is It Real Or Scam?
Jamb upgrade is scam, be careful.

No and no Jamb upgrade is a big fake, a big scam and a big lie students should endeavor and pray they shouldn't fall into the trap. Jamb can never add any score to your main score after the release of your exams because your results have been thoroughly checked before it will be available to you. So don't mind whatever people are telling you concerning jamb upgrade, infact some other scammers can even say they work in the jamb office which is a lie.

Even jamb officials have no power to change or upgrade your results after it has been released. CALLYDGISTS urges students to be careful and you should know that even if the so called jamb upgrade workout, am sure that it will affect you later in life maybe while you're in the university or when you want to go for service.

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