‘Stop Defending These Rulers, They Will Use You Like Ping Pong’ – Aisha Yesufu

‘Stop Defending These Rulers, They Will You Like Ping Pong’ – Aisha Yesufu

Nigerian socio-political activist and racists Aisha Yesufu has lately thrown an advice to fellow Nigerian citizens who is in support of their rulers or those who has candidates in mind to give their vote to.

Following her Twitter page, Aisha is trying to say that our leaders are not to be trusted as they can use us as they like and all they seek for while on power is for personal and family interests.

A twitter user made a comment that Aisha Yesufu has always been against the Buhari presidency government but has always sided the PDP. Aisha on her own side, made it clear to him that she is actually in support of no party and do not support any presidential candidate either. 

She also added that the day Nigerians would not have to defend rulers is the day good governance, accountability and transparency will come to Nigeria, Else, the  rulers will use them as ‘PING PONG’.

See their conversation below;

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