Real Facts About Igbos And Igboland, The Igbos Are Blessed

Real Facts About Igbos And Igboland, The Igbos Are Blessed

After much research and findings, it's clear that the Igbos are blessed and should really be proud of themselves. Although, I am not trying to to backlash the Yorubas or the Hausas or other tribes because I believe every other tribes have their own differences and historical background and also their real facts.

In my next articles, I will be talking about other tribes, their historical background and facts.

So Talking Of The Blessed Igbos, Here Are 50 Wonderful Facts About Them

1. Finding a bungalow in Onitsha is like looking for a fish in a desert.

2. Onitsha has more multistorey buildings than a combination of Oyo, Ogun, Ondo, Ekiti and Ondo all put together.

3. Chukwuka Noah Akaeze I (Obi of Ubulu-uku,) became the youngest monarch in Nigeria at 15 years after the tragic death of his father.

4. Owerri has the most concentration of hotels,clubs and bars per square meter in Nigeria.

5. Onitsha is the most densely populated city in Nigeria outside Lagos. Enugu in 2014 made the list of Most resilient cities in the world and the first in Nigeria.

6. Owerri and Aba have the most organized city masterplan, initiated by former governor Sam Mbakwe of old imo state. Sadly Aba has been left to rot, due to bad governance.

7. Anambra state has the best urban and rural road network of any state in Nigeria.

8. For the past 10yrs, Anambra, IMO, Abia, Enugu, are the leading states in WAEC, NECO and JAMB, and are also the leading states with NYSC passouts.

9. Imo, Anambra, Delta presently have the most PhD holder and Professors in Nigeria.

10. By premiumtimes report, IMO, Anambra and Delta are the leading states for law admission for the past 5yrs, while Imo, Anambra, Delta and Enugu are leading for medicine admission.

11. Anambra, Imo and Enugu have the highest cut off mark for admission into federal unity schools and colleges, yet these states produce the most graduates from those colleges. For Anambra, it is 139, Imo 138, Enugu 134,

12. In 2017, Igbo students dominated the list of graduates in Engineering and medicine departments in covenant university.

13. In any city, town or village you enter outside Igboland in Nigeria, after the indigenous language speakers, the next most populous tribe are the Igbos.

14. Igbos are the largest diaspora Nigerians in any country in the world except in the Uk, where the yorubas hold sway.

15. University of Nigeria Nsukka, has the most influential alumni of any university in Nigeria.

16. Owerri has the highest concentration of beautiful girls of any city in Nigeria.

17. Onitsha main market in Anambra state and Ariaria market in Aba Abia state remain the biggest commodity markets in west Africa.

18. Igboland has the biggest and most influential Football and Nollywood stars in Nigeria e.g JJ Okocha,Kanu Nwankwo,Pete Edochie.etc.

19. Onitsha houses the highest concentration of multi storey apartments per square meter in Sub-Saharan Africa.

20. In 2018, National Inland Waterways Authority(NIWA), reported that 60 Per Cent Of Cargo In Nigeria Goes to Onitsha.

21. Portharcourt, Owerri, Enugu and Asaba airports are the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 8th busiest airports in Nigeria respectively.

22. Uli airport in present day Anambra state was the first indigenously built airport in black Africa. Built by the Biafrans during the civil war. Though a makeshift airport, it served its purpose during the civil war but was destroyed after the war.

23. Imo Airport is the only indigene built and the first state owned airport in Nigeria. Built from contributions and donations from Indigenes (then Imo and Abia). Initiated under the leadership of Sam Mbakwe, but officially commenced operation in 1991.

24. Igbos have the lowest divorce rate in Nigeria. 

25. The oldest Fabric in west Africa is found in igboland, igbo ukwu,and its over 1,200 years. 

26. Igbos make up 99% population in southeast and second most populated tribe in other states outside southeast after the natives. 

27. Southeast has the highest number of female literacy in Nigeria. In some northern states less than 5% of women can read and write, whereas in some Igbo areas more than 90% are literate.

28. Did You Know That The Anambra Waxbill, a small bird of many beautiful colors, is found in South Eastern Nigeria, particularly Anambra and nowhere else on earth .

29. One of the monarchs of Idumuje-Unor, Agbogidi Obi James Anyasi II was the longest reigning king in Africa, ruling for 66 years and the second in the world after King Bhumibol Adelyadej of Thailand reputed as the World's longest reigning monarch.

30. The first woman and first black African to lead the WTO (world trade organisation) is Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. 

31. Dehlia Umunna became the first Nigerian professor at Harvard Law School in 2015.

32. The Igbos have a “savings and loans” system called “Isusu” which means “small small”. This invention exported and also being practiced in the Caribbean Island where it is known as “Susu”.

33. You'll hardly find a real igbo who doesn't know of how to cook, their meals are always delicious.

34. They are business oriented, talk about any kind of business? I'm sure they're involved.

35. They're the only tribe of West Africa who hijacked a ship coming from the coast of West Africa to Georgia state of America during slavery, but unfortunately they all died, both the “slaves and the white masters” (check “igbo landing” on Google).

36. There is hardly a Nigerian tribe that loves the use of proverbs like the Igbos. The use of proverbs seems to be embedded in the very foundation of the culture of the Igbo people.

37. The Ekemeku War was the longest resistance against British imperialism in Nigeria.

38. The first female Cardiothoracic Surgeon to come out of Nigeria and West Africa as a whole is Dr Ogadimma mgbaja.

39. Edward James Roye is the 5th Liberian president, and the first lawyer of igbo descent in 1870. 

40. Air peace is the biggest airline in Nigeria and West Africa.The CEO is Allen Onyema.

41. Flora Nwapa was described as the mother of modern African literature and the first Nigerian female writer to be published internationally. 

42. The first Nigerian military doctor is Walter C. Eze. He is the elder brother to popular oil mogul, Arthur Eze.

43. Dr Amarachukwu Allison became the first Nigerian to discover the first confirmed Covid-19 case in Nigeria on 27th February, 2020.

44. The first test-drilling of oil in Nigeria is at ihuo(iho) near Owerri, present day imo state.

45. Captain Chinyere Onyenucheya is the first female commercial pilot and the first woman to drive an aircraft in Nigeria.

46. The first female medical doctor in igboland is Dr Ada prescila Nzimiro ,a graduate of Glasgow, Scotland in 1950.

47. On August 2020, Kaycee Madu became the first black Canadian justice minister. 

48. Cyril Agodi Onwumechili (First african professor of agriculture, and first nigerian geophysics).

49. Adiele Eberechukwu Afigbo was a Nigerian historian and the first Nigeria indiginous PHD holder. 

50. Prof. Kenneth Onwuka Dike is the first Nigerian to teach at Havard University, the first Nigerian Professor of History,the first Vice Chancellor of University of lbadan,the first Mellon Professor of African History in Harvard. He was also a roving Ambassador for Biafra.

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