We Can't "Continue" With Bad Governance - PDP Tells Buhari. APC Says Mr President Has Been Lethargic

We Can't "Continue" With Bad Governance - PDP Tells Buhari. APC Says Mr President Has Been Lethargic

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) welcomes President Muhammadu Buhari from his medical tourism in the United Kingdom, but rejects his declaration that Nigerians should expect the "continuity of his misrule.

The PDP also asserts that the statement by the All Progressives Congress (APC), that President Buhari has been re-energized after his medical treatment is a confirmation that Mr. President had been incapable and lethargic, leading to the inefficiency, disorganization and general misrule that have bedeviled his administration.

While Nigerians are at a loss on the import of President Buharl's declaration upon his return that what they should expect is "continuity our party wishes to remind Mr. President that he was elected for a last term of four years which will end on May 29.2023.

The PDP holds that whatever purpose his frame of mind on "continuity was made to serve, it must not detach from the finality of his leaving office in on May 29,2023

Moreover, Nigerians vehemently reject any idea of "continuity that pertains to failed economy. hunger and starvation, banditry, killings, terrorism kidnapping abuse of human rights, treasury looting mindless borrowing and other vices that have characterized the APC administration under the watch of President Buhari.

This is especially as the comment by the APC had already confirmed that our nation has indeed been on auto-pilot leading to shambolic state of affairs in the nation, escalation of violence and insecurity. wrecking of our national economy, policy inconsistency, entrenchment of corruption and impunity, with no hope insight.

While the PDP recognizes the humanity of all our party advises that those at the helm of affairs must be honest enough not to take up assignments that are beyond their capacity.

Now that Mr. President is re-energized his handlers have no further excuses on his failure to lead from the front as he promised in the fight against terrorists and insurgents, whose activities escalated under his watch. 

Our party therefore expects the re-energized President Buhari as the Commander-in-Chief to immediately proceed to Zamfara Borno, Kaduna, Adamaws and other states where terrorists have practically taken over communities on account of the failures of his administration.

Mr. President should also immediately address the nation on how he intends to pay back the huge foreign loans his administration had collected in the last six years, for which the future of our nation has been mortgaged.

The "re-energized President is also expected to forcefully commence the recovery of over N15 trillion reportedly stolen by APC leaders from government agencies including the NNPC, NEMA, EFCC NDDC among others.

Our party insist that Mr. President must henceforth take responsibility and end his excuse of not always being aware of issues in our country.

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