Reasons To Stop Attaching Age To Your Goals

Reasons To Stop Attaching Age Your Goals by callydgists

This is something many of us go through in our lives, setting goals and attaching ages at which we want our dreams to be achieved, for anyone who is ambitious not achieving these goals at that age is bound to result into depression of some sort.

Growing up we all had our dreams. I had mine to. Dreams that portrayed the age we want to be rich, when we wish to get married, how many kids we want, places we wish to visit. Dreams which we viewed as a reflection of our soon to be success.

It's good to be ambitious, to have these dreams but we all need to understand that life still has to take its own course too, life takes a toll on us and also needs a push from us but before taking steps into achieving our dreams or setting age limits, things are to be taken into consideration. 

Determination: How determined are you in achieving your dreams? Are you waiting on life to take its own course without a little push from you? For a dream to be achieved, whether there is a set age limit to it or not, it needs some level of determination. 

Passion: Are you passionate enough? You have a dream job or business at hand? Are you merely attracted to the level of income, or you are inspired and motivated by someone or an happening around you. Whichever it is, you just need to feel strong likeness towards your goals in other for you to achieve it.

Patience: A major key to any type of success, this world is evolving or changing if I may say with the pressure from social media and people around showing that they're living their best lives. A lot of us may feel we are not doing well at the stage we are in, some feel at their ages they ought to have done better. In achieving your goals, never skip the process be patient enough in other to achieve positive end results.

Plan: Setting up a plan is a major step in any process for achievement. What plans do you have in achieving your goals? Have you set up any yet? Is it a good plan? Would it lead you closer or directly to your goal? These are important question we should ask ourselves. Every building has a foundation which determines it's strength, likewise a plan to goals.

Resources: Every dream needs resources to be fulfilled, most especially financial resources. To achieve your dreams, you need to get together all you need; skills, money, connections, lands and building . These are what will finally put in place the achievement of your goals.

There are some processes which are meant to be undergone in other to back up and enable the success of major steps above.
  • Setting realistic goals: A saying goes thus; nothing is impossible. It's not right so when setting goals, we need to be realistic, set goals you know you can achieve.
  • Stop leaving your goals in your head: Jot down your goals, write them somewhere as soon as each ideas pops into your head. Review your written down goals from time to time to motivate yourself and develop new plans into achieving them.
  • Stop being discouraged by any failed step: Failure happens for some reasons, one of which is being unprepared for the task ahead. In the light of it, failure helps us realize where we need to change our steps. When there's a failed step, do not feel discourage, retrace your steps and continue the process.
  • Don't downplay your wins: Every win is a win, no matter how small, celebrate your little successes. Be happy with your self, believe you're doing better with each step you achieve.
With all these reasons, its totally agreeable that attaching age limits to goal isn't necessary and would only cause more negative than positive effects.

Follow the process, so long as you're actively working towards your goals then you are bound to achieve them in no time.

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