Friendship And Relationship Goals

friendship goals

People engage themselves in a relationship because they feel committed and connected to it, while most of the people just want to flirt and play games. In my opinion, i would rather say relationship is a commitment, if you want to be related with something or related with someone, then you should be ready to make some commitment.

Relationship doesn't have to mean a boy and a girl having something in common, it can also mean friendship because guys can also have things in common, same thing goes for the girls too. Some things we need to understand when making friends is that the friend you have today cannot continue to be with you forever, because a day would come and you both have to be separated maybe your environment or some other reasons will get the both of you seperated and you will have no choice than to get used to your new environment and make new friends and contact.

In my experience, i have come to understand that we should not confuse the space of the friendship we have with someone for the strength of a friendship. We should not let the history we share with them keep us in the misery else we will be doomed, all because they grew up with you does not mean they really want to see you succeed and not all friends want to see you prosper. Now you see that most times there is no point of having people around you when they are not always for you, when they do not always have your back when you expect them to and they are not always there for you whenever you need them. Most people still don't care but keep moving with people they gain nothing from as they think they are the real friends ever, that's selfishness, moving around with people who can betray you. Do not let your loyalty turn you to slavery, you have to  be loyal to yourself first before making things right in a friend zone.

Now, lets talk about the normal relationship we all know, the boyfriend and girlfriend role we all call  love, and where that love goes wrong is when cheating starts. Do you think your partner is worth cheating on or flirting with? Nowadays relationship end up painfully both of them with broken hearts, either because they were cheating on each other or because of one problem or the other and after breakups most of them end up committing suicide, so do you think that really a good option to live with. Same thing happens when making friends, most people make friends for fun, some do so for their emotions while some make real friends who will always be there for them whenever in need.

 A true friend will always be there to advise you, motivate you and will be very happy to see the both of you become successful in life, nothing looks good than receiving advise and ideas from a real friend and partner who always wants to see you happy and wants you both to benefit from each other. Fake friends might visit, call and care a lot for you, but at the same time, they can still stab you at the back when you turn within a moment. So you have to be careful while making friends and make friends with people you would benefit from.

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