Parental Roles And Responsibilities

parental roles and responsibilities

How do you think parenting begins and what's it all about, we'll be talking that in this article.
We all know that whenever we hear parenting, it means raising up a child in a way he or she would be of benefit to the society. I have seen many parents and children and i noticed that our parents make some mistakes while training and raising up their child. Children of nowadays are not well brought up, same thing applies to our parents of today, they do not know their responsibilities as mothers and fathers and head of the family so they end up training children like animals and this brings downfall of many family while they lose their reputation in the community or environment.

A child has to be trained in a good way to show respect for himself, mates, family and elders, the child also needs be trained educationally i believe that is why we have people we call teachers who will help them intellectually and help them become someone great in the future and might make the future a better place. Sometimes when most parents see their children misbehave, they call it stubbornness, we all know that sometimes most children can be stubborn, but some misbehave because they aren't well trained, that is why the parents are to be blamed. Only a sensible child whose parent lives a wayward life can learn from his good teacher and then come back home to tell his parents their mistakes and urge them to make amends and face their responsibilities as head of the family.

 A family is one of the most happiest thing a person would love to have and would pray to God for. Same thing goes for parenting also, children are blessings from God and you have to take very good care of them responsibly if you luckily become a parent. As head of the family, they are some actions you must not take and things you should not do in the presence of your children, things like quarreling, fighting or having unnecessary issues while with each other, as a good parent you should not be fighting in the presence of your children because they are learning from you. even if you have issues with each other, you do not have to expose it in the presence of the children, besides for a parent to have issue is not a right way of coordinating the family, nothing looks sweeter than a peaceful and cooperative family.

Now, lets talk about the busy parents, those mothers and fathers who do not care to spend good time with their children because they are always at work. Nowadays, some parents do not have time for the children so they end up bringing in nanny to the house to care for the children's wants because the parents are busy and do not have enough time to spend with the kids as one family. Although, i am not against a family having nanny, but i feel that as a parent, your children needs you more than they need the nanny you brought to them so no matter how busy you are, it doesn't stop you from caring about your family. At least while at work you can take a leave to have great time with you family, play with the children, teach them things you feel they should know and understand so that they would be very happy to have a good parent and be proud of you and wont disgrace you and your family while in public.

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