Challenges Of Success And Ways Of Overcoming Failure

Challenges Of Success And Ways Of Overcoming Failure by callydgists

Have you ever worked so hard to the extent that you feel you have tried enough and then you give up? If so, then this article is for you.

I know that feeling, i understand it but you should not really give up so easily, if you really want to be successful you have to be ready to fail, you have to be prepared to fall and the same time you should also be strong to stand up again to continue your journey of success. I don't think giving up should really be an option because our successful men and billionaires of today have passed through a lot in the past while they were struggling for success.

 We all have dreams to be successful, in fact everybody wants to be successful, every parents wants their children to be successful but people don't get that success can't come to them with just one snap of a finger. Our today billionaires today, people like; Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates , Elon Musk and many others all have stories about their pasts to tell and if you should have the chance to listen to them, then you will realize that success requires your time, knowledge and determination. These billionaires we know have a lot of failed experiences in their past but still they didn't give up instead they kept on pushing and struggling, so how much more can you do. I have come to experience something in life that you do not have to be in a hurry to get something or rush to get everything, if you know what you want you should be able to pass through the steps, processes and pains because you know how much favor you would get from the results.

 Most times, success isn't a one man's thing, this means that in some cases, you need the help of some few persons to be achieve your life goal, gather two or more persons and share your idea with them and know if things can work out with you guys, that's team work. Lets look at the Google platform as an example, Google has two founders; HARRY PAGE and SERGEY BRIN, these two people studied at Stanford University where they met and brought ideas together and started working as a team and now, their platform is the world's most popular platform for advertising and getting informations about things happening around the world.

Another thing we should understand is that there is no shortcut to success, don't be deceived by anybody because success has it's procedures and processes. People who think money is everything thinks they can buy success with money, no you cant and even if you do, trust me it wont last long because that is a shortcut which will make you regret later in the end. Whenever you fail, don't give up, do not hesitate to stand again. From the stories of our successful men, i think we learn when you fail because whenever you fail, you know your mistakes, learn from it and make things right while you keep on struggling. you should only give up on something when your mind tells you to, and make sure you are right about giving up. Prayer also matters, sometimes you need to pray to know where you are faulty and pray for divine intervention.

 If after all your  hard work and patience you become successful at last, you should never turn your back others, you do not have to forbid your friends because they're failing, instead you should help them get up and make things alright for them. If you are in your good days, at least you should give alms to those who are in their bad days and trying to be successful, you can also do good to them by paving way for them, share your experience with them and they would be very grateful to you.
Success is very challenging and hard, so if you really want to be successful, then you have to be ready to face the challenges that awaits you.

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